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CBSE Schools: How Do They Prepare Your Child for the Competitive Exams


Many students sit for competitive exams like NEET and JEE after completing their class 12. Students studying in CBSE schools in Noida often have a competitive edge over students studying in other school boards. 

This post will help you discover how a CBSE school can make your child well-prepared for competitive exams. It will also tell you how enrolling in a tech-savvy, new-age school, will give a boost to your child to learn better that will help them in the long run.

1.    Similar Curriculum at the School

The syllabus structure followed in a CBSE school in Noida is quite similar to the syllabus of competitive exams. Students often prepare for board exams and competitive exams simultaneously. 

The similarity in the syllabus makes it easier for students to go ahead with their preparations. 

As a majority portion of the syllabus is common for both exams, students can complete their preparation quickly. They don’t need to devote separate time preparing for board exams and competitive exams.

2.    Better Understanding of Concepts at the School in Noida

A great advantage of studying in CBSE schools is that your child will better understand concepts. Board exams usually include subjective and long answer questions. Therefore, teachers focus on clearing every concept in the syllabus. It ensures that students are able to apply the concepts in solving questions.

Teachers are well-qualified and experienced enough to impart the right kind of guidance to students in terms of syllabus for competitive exams.

The competitive exams often have MCQ questions. But since the CBSE students develop a detailed understanding of the theories and concepts, they can answer the questions confidently.

3.    Early Preparation at CBSE Schools in Noida

Studying in CBSE schools will ensure that your kid can begin their preparation for competitive exams early. While early preparation does not guarantee success, it can increase the chance of cracking the competitive exams with flying colours. 

The curriculum is well-designed to ensure that it does not provide too much stress on students.

Several complicated concepts are introduced to students gradually from the ninth standard. By the time your kids reach the 11th standard, the syllabus is much more similar to the competitive exams.

Therefore, students are not introduced to new concepts all of a sudden while preparing for competitive exams.

4.    Making Career Decisions Become Easier

Studying in the best CBSE schools in Noida will make it easier for your kids to make career decisions. The school’s educational framework makes it easier for the students to gauge their own strengths and weaknesses. Teachers also focus on the students’ inherent strengths, and guide them to excel in those areas.

Your kid will get a glimpse of what they will have to study if they pick a particular subject. For instance, they will have to sit for NEET if they wish to become a doctor.

For that, they will have to study biology. While studying in 11th and 12th, they will have some idea regarding what’s included in biology. 

But if the subject does not interest them or they find it difficult, they will be able to make a decision of leaving out biology from their future studies and career.

5.    Good Exposure with Great Learning

Early learning of important concepts will ensure that your kids are able to grasp them faster and better. They will be able to easily understand how different subjects work. 

The school facilities are such that the classroom learning environment expands beyond its four walls. There is a concerted effort to use the latest tools and platforms to give experiential and visual learning to students which will help them understand better. This kind of interactive learning also makes education more fun.

It will also ensure that your child can develop their skills and talents to be exposed in their career. The CBSE curriculum will increase their IQ and equip their child with analytical and logical thinking skills. 

The level of preparation will be enhanced with the chance to crack tough competitive exams with minimum attempts.

Final Thoughts

If your child wants to attempt a competitive exam in the future, you should enrol them in a CBSE school in Noida. The curriculum followed at CBSE schools will make it easier for your child to prepare for the tough competitive exams like NEET and JEE. A CBSE school will ensure that your child has a bright future ahead of them. 

Some schools are more smart and well-equipped to make the learning process easier and more beneficial for students, and these smart schools are the need of the times. In this day and age of digital technology, parents will do well to enrol their kids in schools, like Global Indian International School, which have a finger on the pulse of educational needs of students. They are providing good infrastructure and better learning facilities to students, to prepare them well for challenges of tomorrow. 


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