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What is Canon MX922 Support Code 6000? How to Fix it!


Is your Canon throwing the error code 6000 when you try to print? Or do you see the Canon MX922 support code 6000 error message on the display panel? The solution could be as simple as removing the jammed paper from the line feed, or it may be as tricky as replacing the entire line feed. However, you should not try replacing the hardware and call the technician to get it done for you. You can try to resolve the error 6000 by cleaning and resetting the printer. This guide covers all the basic troubleshooting tips that you can use to fix Canon printer error 6000

Why did the Canon MX922 support code 6000 occur?

Several reasons can cause the support code error 6000 in your Canon printer. Often a jammed paper and damaged line feed is the reason for Canon MX922 support code 6000. Following are the other reasons that may also cause your Canon to succumb to error 6000.

  1. Paper jam inside the paper.
  2. Accumulation of dust, paper particles or clips inside the Canon device.
  3. Pending multiple print commands.
  4. The line feeder sensor is not working or defective, causing a Canon to throw an error 6000.

How to resolve the Canon MX922 support code 6000 error?

The first step you must take to eliminate the error code 6000 from Canon is removing the jammed paper from the printer. If the printer starts working, it’s excellent; else, restart your printer once and try printing again. If the problem persists, try the steps below for an immediate fix. 

Step 1. Examine your Canon Pixma MX922 printer

By examining the printer, we mean rearranging the printer components, restacking the paper, and reseating the printer cartridges. Here are the steps.

  1. Turn off your printer completely. 
  2. Now open the cartridge access door, check for any jammed paper and remove it. 
  3. Examine the paper feed line and ensure it is clear. 
  4. Take a clean, soft cloth and rub the feed line to remove dust.
  5. Make sure to clean other components like the encoder strip and printhead. 
  6. Sometimes, the empty cartridges also cause the Canon printer error 6000. If needed, you can check the cartridges and either reseat them to their place or replace them.

Step 2. Reset the Canon printer 

  1. Once you’ve cleared the printer of all the dust and foreign objects, you must reset your printer.
  2. Turn off the printer, remove the wires for the mains, and plug it back in after a few minutes. 
  3. Now begin resetting the printer by pressing and holding the Power button. 
  4. Press and release the Stop button two times, and you need to be a bit quick in doing it.
  5. Now release the Power button and press the Stop button four times.
  6. Great! You have reset your Canon printer, and it should start working now. 

Final Words!

Hope you are good with resolving the Canon MX922 support code 6000 error. Cleaning and resetting the printer are the two most straightforward ways to fix the error code 6000. If the situation requires you to replace some hardware, please seek help from tech support experts. We are here to always help you.

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