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Best Home Cleaning Service Provider In Copenhagen


we are a professional cleaning company that offers commercial cleaning near Greater Copenhagen, JACOBSENS RENGØRING . Therefore, if you need competent cleaning in your Cleaning Service service, we are ready to help you. We are careful, flexible, and service-conscious, which is why you can always expect a high level of service from us.

Should you have performed head cleaning or final cleaning, we are ready to deliver a great result. We adapt and meet our customers’ needs and expectations, treat our customers individually and take all customers seriously.

With more than many years in the industry as a professional Rengøringsfirma cleaning company, we believe we have broken the code for how we provide our customers with the best service and results in cleaning and other services. With expertise and experience, we deliver sublime cleaning every day, as well as other complementary services to both individuals and businesses throughout the Triangle area – regardless of scope and size.

To give you the freedom to do what you do best. And give you the freedom to worry about what matters. All our cleaning services have a permanent contact person. As well as a logbook with evaluations about the cleaning. That way, you avoid having to spend resources worrying about “everything else”.

Today, the company consists of a stable team consisting of 13 skilled employees. All of whom work to ensure quality and good service. The customer base consists primarily of small and medium-sized companies. JACOBSEN RENGØRING is a company with traditions and high ambitions. A company that for over many years has offered professional and flexible cleaning throughout North Jutland.

Due to our many years of experience in the field. We are today able to handle a wide range of cleaning and service tasks. We provide professional service to housing associations, companies, institutions, and individuals. In addition, we handle commercial cleaning, craftsman cleaning, and Rengøringshjælp cleaning after damage. No task is too big or too small.

We are a cleaning company located in JACOBSENS RENGØRING and offer all types of cleaning. Including final cleaning, private cleaning, commercial cleaning, and main cleaning. You can order us for a single task, or we can make a fixed appointment. Where we come at fixed intervals, ranging from every day to once a year.

Our cleaning company has all kinds of customers, it can be people who are busy. People who are up in years, and people who prefer to see themselves out of the cleaning. We also come in companies and housing associations. As a cleaning company, we can, among other things, wash stairs for housing associations and housing associations. We can also do it for a resident if the residents take turns washing the stairs and this resident would rather pay for it.

Companies can use our Rengøring cleaning company so that the company. Can spend its time-serving its customers. And so that no resources have to be spent on the administration of cleaning staff, including in relation to holidays, illness, and maternity leave.

We only come to clean at the agreed intervals. No matter what happens, and it is, of course. The same person or persons who always come from our cleaning company. It can also be head cleaning, including ad hoc tasks related to renovation. Moving furniture or any other situation that makes it convenient with the help of a cleaning company. We also provide final cleaning if the company needs to move.


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