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All You Should Know About Hash


Hash, commonly known as Hashish, available at cannabis dispensary Toronto, is the oldest form of cannabis concentrate, quite convenient to make, and has a strong connection with all the cannabis users. These days, consumers even make it themselves in a modern setting.In case you still don’t understand what it is, it can be made by rubbing cannabis trichrome or resin glands, to form a brick-like shape, with the right mix of the desired cannabis compounds. The shape obtained can be like a slab, or in the form of rolled pieces.

kef is another similar product like Hash, but is different in the manner that it is powder like form of the cannabis plant, and hash is more like a solid, concentrate form of the plant, with a chocolate-like color.

Hash is solely a concentrate, and was create back then with equipment such as shatters, sauce, and bidders. It makes use of minimum technology, and is yet fully flavorful and exciting to use.

Hash has a lot of advantages, same like the other edibles at Toronto cannabis dispensary. It is quite easy and simple to make, with no such technology or equipment required, as it can be obtained directly from the plant’s glands, in the form of concentrates.

The Composition and History of Hash

Coming towards the composition of Hash, it has to offer a full spectrum of terpenes, cannabinoids, and different molecules that synchronize to elevate the potential effects of the compound. Hash was first used in the 12th century, with a variety of methods for its making.

It takes its origin from the Middle East and Central Asia. At first, it was recorded to be used in the form of a resin powder that is known as Kiev now, in the modern world.

Kiev itself can be obtained by rubbing the plant’s trichrome glands together, through differently-sized silk stuff that has multiple pores in them, to further narrow down the end product to the desired consistency.

This resulting mixture is then further pressed into solid bricks that look similar to chalk and have the same texture and feel.

The Right Way to Smoke Hash

Hash can be consumed in a variety of ways, the most common of which is through direct smoking. On its own, it can be smoked as well, but most of the times, it is consumed along with the flower in some other form.

Raw hash can also be consumed, but many of the consumers have reported an elevated high time and more lasting psychoactive effects, that are a bit too strong for the normal users. Smoking it is a better option, with controlled potency and a manageable high-time.

One of the most convenient ways to consume hash is to add it to a bowl of flowers. Using it, you can feel the enhanced effects whenever you try to smoke this mixture using a bubbler, pipe or bong.

Adding Hash to a Joint

Hash can also be consumed by adding it to a joint. All you need to do is to lay out a rolling paper and add a complete layer of flower to it, followed by crushing of some hash and adding its layer to the joint. This needs to be rolled up to be consumed.

The best quality hash is the one that cannot be easily broken, and is not too dry or chalky to be snapped. Rather, it has a softer consistency, to be shaped into a thin layer that lies at the top of the flowers inside the joint.

Now, you need to slowly roll the around the hash and flowers layer, while keeping the edges secure. The right joint is the one that contains the central layer of hash and flowers in it. Hash, when consumed with a flower, always maximizes the high-time and potent effects of cannabis.


Whenever you are smoking hash, you should keep in mind that the one that is made from fresher glands of the plants might offer a harsher smoke than a aged one.

This is because, an aged resin requires more time to dry out the moisture and added terpenes in it, which cut down its harshness.


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