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All You Need to Know About Red Empty Capsules And Red Gelatin Capsules


Solid oral dosages have been in use for a very long time now. Sometimes in the form of capsules and sometimes in the form of tablets.

In both oral dosages, capsules are the best because tables do not offer reliable dosing, portability, and high consumer compliance. Capsules can include cumbersome liquid, paste formulation, and even powder.

Capsules are just the empty cells for the delivery of life-saving drugs like minerals and vitamins via supplements.

As of now, supplements have become a part of daily life for many of us. Demand for empty capsules has increased. So, if you want to create your supplements or are unsure why you also buy empty red gelatin capsules, here is the information that will help you understand more about the capsules and their benefits.

Do Gelatin Capsules Are Good For The Nutrients?

The answer is: yes. Most people could be confused that capsules are only used to pack medicines. But capsules can also be used to pack nutrients. They are perfectly safe and can be safely stored.

As the name suggests, gelatine capsules are created from gelatine. Gelatine is a tasteless, gluten-free animal protein that offers a soft oral dosage that creates a pleasant experience for the consumer.

Also, gelatin capsules enable producers to customize based on the shape, size, and colours to meet the demands of the active fills and the targeted demographics. In addition, gelatin capsules offer a range of release profiles. A release profile is a parameter that tells how much time a capsule will take to release the drug into your body. Individuals can choose from the slow to fast release profiles depending upon the nutrients. Our capsules can only take 15 minutes to release the fill into your digestive tract.

What Is The Essence Of The Color In The Capsules? Does It Make Any Difference?

Colours do play a vital role. During the formulation of the capsules, colour is added so that the capsule can be protected from photosynthesis. Colour can protect the inner fill or drug of the cell from the light as light can cause a chemical reaction in the drug. The dark the colour is, the less the chances there are for any kind of chemical reaction.

Another reason for adding colour is the colour perception of the consumer. For example, red empty capsules attract the consumer much faster than any other capsule colour. Colour is also associated with our digestive tract health. Some colours, such as red, are much more likely to resolve fast in the digestive tract compared to other colours.

How Many Types Of The Gelatin Capsules Are Available?

Gelatin capsules are available in two types, the first is hard gelatin capsules, and the second one is soft gelatine capsules.

Both of the capsules will be different on the basis of formulation and their usage.

Hard gelatin capsules are made of two cylindrical shells to enclose one another. The upper shell of the capsules is slightly larger in diameter than the lower part and is called the body. The capsules’ parts fit together and form a hermetically closed unit that appears as a cylinder. Hard gelatin capsules are best to fill the powder supplements.

On the other hand, soft gelatin capsules are one-piece capsules, often coloured and a little translucent. The manufacturer enclosed soft gelatin capsules and filled them during the manufacturing process, unlike hard gelatin capsules. And soft gel capsules can only be used to fill in liquid or gel-like drugs. Both of the capsule caps have different release ranges. However, the normal time that both of these capsules can take to dissolve the digestive tract is 15 minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Gelatine Capsule?

  • Gelatin capsules are tasteless and odour-free. 
  • These have a longer shelf life and protect the inner drug from any fungus.
  • These capsules only take 15 minutes to be dissolved in our digestive tract. 
  • Hard gelatin capsules are easy to fill. Anyone can fill the capsules after little practice. 
  • These capsules are widely available and much cheaper than any other capsule type. 
  • Gelatin is good for bones, so the capsule shell also helps people who have less collagen in the joints. 
  • These capsules let you take control of what you put inside your body. Supplement capsules are also available in the market, but they do not assure you what is inside. By filling your capsules, you can take care of your health in a better way.

How Many Sizes Are Available In The Red Gelatin capsules?

Before buying the capsules, you might wonder about the sizes. So, which size will be best suitable for you? You can find out by checking the numerical value of the capsules. Finding out the right size of the capsules will save you both money and time. Gelatine capsules come in different sizes. The standard capsule size is numbered by 000, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The lesser the number is, the bigger the size of the capsule will be. The majority of capsules fill and manufacture machinery companies with these standard sizes. Our capsules are also available in different sizes to match your preference.

Are Gelatine Capsules Safe?

It might be the very first question that comes into the mind of most people before purchasing the capsules. And the answer is our gelatine capsules are safe and meet the required regulation for the use of pharmaceuticals, nutrients, and health supplements. Gelatin is a non-allergenic animal protein. As mentioned before, it is derived from naturally occurring collagen found in the connectivity issues of the animal skin and bones. So, it is pure protein, easily digestible, and free from any major side effects.


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