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Akon Thiam Age And Biography.


Akon is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and businessman of Senegalese descent. He was born in Senegal. He rose to popularity in 2004 after the publication of his debut album ‘Trouble,’ which included the song ‘Locked Up. He has always been grateful to his family’s musical background, which paved the door for his success in the American music industry. While traveling around Jersey City with local rowdies, Akon became familiar with hip-hop.

He was very brave and bold this is the reason he remained a member of the squad. He was very popular in fighting.  He was forced to go to jail for robbery and drug distribution. He found time to write his own songs despite his controversial behavior and tough lifestyle. Although he faced many difficulties in his life, he kept his love and passion for music alive even in tough times. He played different musical instruments when he started singing. At the start, he was not a Hip-Hop singer.  He has won various honors for his albums during the course of his career. His successful career can be seen using a birthday calculator age.

In this article, you will come to know about Akon’s life in detail.

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Age, Heіght, Weight & Body Measurement:

 Well, Akоn is 48 years old, having been born on April 16, 1973. Though, his weight is 78kg. If you feed his information into an age calculator by you will get fine results.


He was not a bright student. In fact, he was not fond of education. The family moved to New Jersey. He was plating his time between Senegal and USA at the time. He had trouble settling in with the other children in New Jersey. When he and his brother graduated from high school, they were left in their own Township.

Early Life:

He grew up in Senegal, nevertheless. His mother was a dancer, and a well-known one, while his father was a percussionist. On the other hand, his раrеnt’s occupation gave him the chance to learn to play a musical instrument such as guitar, and drum. You can know about his early age with the help of an age calculator. He owns three daughters. He tried his best not to inform the world about his daughters. He was fond of football and remained a member of the football premier league.

Professional Career:

Akоn began singing and performing as a tееnаgеr after growing up. He was not too passionate about education. This is the reason he spends his life with his friends rather than doing his study. He received his first recording contract in 2003 and released his debut album in 2004. The album was dubbed trouble.

The album was a huge success; it blended Koon’s melodic R&B style with hip-hop beats and produced a slew of hit singles, including “Locked Up” and “Lonely.” The second album was released in 2006 and was a bigger success. The third album, Frееdоm, was released in 2008, although it did not have the same level of success as the first two. An age calculator can define his professional career.  He has worked with some of the biggest musicians during the course of his career. For example, he did a song with Chael Ackon called “Old My Hand” and co-wrote a song with Lady Gaga called “just Dance.”

Apart from doing a lot of things, he is the owner of two clothing lines, and he also has a large real estate empire. He is also the founder of the confidence Foundation, which was established to provide a competitive advantage in France and the United States.

Awards and Achievements:

Akon wined infinite awards in his life. It is difficult to count the numbers of his awards. The life of a caretaker is full of events and has been highly recognized by everyone. An age calculator can tell about his achievements clearly.

Net Worth & Salary of Akon in 2022:

The estimated net worth of Akon is unknown. Because his source of income is not only music. Age calculator in months calculator can help you to know his worth at different, which helps you to have an idea about his net worth.  He is connected with different brands. He earned money by appearing in a film. In addition, he is a record producer and a songwriter. He is also a businessman who owns a diamond mine.


Well, he does not belong to a rich family. And at the same time, he had not a craze for education. This is the reason he did not get higher education and spent the most time with his friends enjoying his life. He was blessed with a melodious voice or interest in music. This passion became the reason for his fame in the musical world. An age calculator can estimate at which age he started his musical career properly.


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