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7 Innovations in AI SaaS Technology


Software as a Service, or SaaS, has made it easier than ever before to obtain the tools that you need to make your business run smoothly and efficiently. There are many SaaS tools that it can be difficult to decide which ones to choose, especially when your product is still in development and you’re not quite sure what you’ll need from the software yet. With a little research, you’ll find the best AI innovations to help take you to the next level.

The market for AI SaaS technology is growing rapidly. Here are seven of the most exciting AI SaaS technology innovations to consider:

1. Chatbots

Chatbots have become a popular addition to many marketing campaigns, but chatbots aren’t just for businesses. They are one of many new technologies that can improve customer service by answering questions on live chat systems like Facebook Messenger while freeing up sales reps to spend more time qualifying leads. Whether you’re creating your own bots or partnering with a vendor to use their SaaS, chatbots are an innovative way to utilize AI to improve customer relations.

2. Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics is a new way to make sense of data. It’s a natural fit for companies that store and manage massive amounts of information on cloud-based platforms. Since these cloud infrastructures can cost thousands of dollars, providers are working to reduce their customers’ expenses. Some are creating opportunities for customers to receive a percentage of savings when they pay for services with Amazon Pay. This is just one example of what augmented analytics looks like; there are more benefits to come as technology continues to evolve.

3. Application Personalization

Application personalization does more than just deliver information and data from a standard interface—it tailors it to you. Imagine if a smartphone app could predict what apps you might be interested in next, based on where you are and what time of day it is? What if an Internet search engine could guess which results would be most relevant to you, based on who you are as a person rather than just what keywords were used?

The above examples explore application personalization, a feature that will only continue to improve with time. It allows businesses to reach customers like never before and engage with them like never before, too.

4. Data Encryption

Traditional encryption methods tend to be cumbersome, frustrating, and fail-prone—especially when it comes to smartphones. That’s why many software companies are using AI and machine learning (ML) technologies to enhance their encryption methods. With this type of tech, they can deliver more secure data while making your life easier at the same time.

5. AI-Driven Cloud Cost Optimization

AI and ML are making cloud solutions more intelligent. Imagine a future where your software platform can predict your cloud usage down to a few dollars in savings per hour. This would result in huge cost savings over time. This is already possible through artificial intelligence and machine learning innovations. These take the increasingly crowded infrastructure and make it more efficient than ever before.

With an AWS savings plan, AI analyzes your bill and calculates the savings on cloud cost for you. With this service, you can expect to reduce 50 – 90% of your bill.

6. AI-Powered Virtual Assistance

As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent, smart assistants will start taking on your duller, less exciting tasks. When you need to do something that has a routine algorithm behind it—things like accounting or marketing—it makes sense to get an automated assistant to take care of it for you. As SaaS technology improves, digital assistants will become more clever than ever. For example, virtual assistants could negotiate with each other and complete complex contracts without human intervention.

7. Personalized Data Management Tools

A wave of data tools is poised to make it easier for businesses to use their own data without giving up control. Many cloud services are allowing customers to store their own data in-house, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars. In addition, companies like Intel have created innovative artificial intelligence software that’s designed specifically for customer data—including a tool that can scan through your files and tell you where you might be able to save more money.

Additionally, startups like RelateIQ have developed relationship management software, which is designed to help users scan social media posts and turn them into information they can use. By saving that information in their own database, users eliminate third-party fees and gaining valuable insights about how they do business.

SaaS technology is constantly evolving. Keep this information in mind as you make sure you are up-to-date with every trend.

Lizzie Howard is a Colorado native who after graduating from the University of Colorado spends her time as a freelance writer. When Lizzie isn’t writing, she enjoys going on hikes, baking for her friends and family, and spending time with her beloved yellow lab, Sparky.


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