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About smart watches and the experience of operating the Apple Watch Series 3


Hello! Today I will tell you my thoughts and thoughts about smart watches and their place in the life of a modern person.

Sony Smartband Talk

Once upon a time, back in the year 2012, my first smart watch (or smart bracelet) was Sony Smartband Talk. Now, after a while, I can call them the best gadget for the wrist for ever. They cost about 8000r and for their functions this price was justified.

So. What I got:

Stylish design, lightweight and comfortable body. Many acquaintances were interested in what kind of interesting thing this is (especially looking at the e-ink screen);
A powerful vibration motor (albeit a little nasty), notifying about calls and notifications. He also showed himself well as an alarm clock. It was impossible not to wake up)
Microphone and speaker! In general, a fairy tale for those times. It was possible to answer calls in not too noisy conditions. For quick conversations, it’s very cool;
For me personally, an important function of turning on the access point on the phone from the bracelet. I still do not understand why this function is not implemented by any manufacturer;
Automatic movement and sleep recording. I also don’t understand why no one has it. Every time you need to manually enter and turn on the workout, then turn it off … Here you could not take off the bracelet all day and then see the statistics in a beautiful and visual application: how much you slept, when you fell asleep, in what phases you were, etc. Maybe this is certainly not the most interesting statistics, but sometimes it was interesting. And auto-recording of movement allowed me to play football with a bracelet, and after the match, review and compare my indicators of distance, running and calories burned;
Also, a track of movements was automatically recorded. In the application, you could open the map and see where and at what point in time I was. Mega handy! Sometimes it helped to remember the necessary information.
Of the minuses of the bracelet, we can recall the lack of a stopwatch (electronic ink after all) and a weak battery, which allowed me to discharge the bracelet in three days without using conversations. With conversations, the battery sat down in one day.

And everything would be fine with this gadget, but only Sony gave up on it. Updates to the bracelet only made it worse: the connection to the phone fell off, the ability to answer calls was gone, the application stopped developing, and the battery completely stopped holding a charge. Sony killed their wonderful product and it turned into the most ordinary pedometer, and there was Smartband – a smart bracelet.

Xiaomi Mi band 4

After some time, I decided to return to the topic of “smart bracelets”. The budget was small, and under the onslaught of the procession of Xiaomi (many friends already had a bracelet), I purchased Mi band 4. I expected from the device about the same experience as from Sony (except for calls). Moreover, a color screen has already appeared here. But your expectations are your problems. Yes, a stopwatch has already appeared here, allowing you to perform some workouts in the gym. Perhaps that’s all … Notifications are uninformative and inconvenient to read. Steps, and other workouts work incomprehensibly how. Switching tracks also did not always work … In general, this bracelet also became just a pedometer and nothing more. Of course, for its price, this is in principle not bad, and the lifetime of a couple of weeks is very nice.

Samsung Watch

Later, I got the opportunity to test the top-end (at that time) watch from Samsung. It was very interesting to try it, especially since the price of about 20,000 rubles inspired hope for interesting functionality. The watch has a very nice design, beautiful dials. I also liked the interface of the system: all these menus and animations looked so grown-up…

And then there was the first love (

I come to the gym and include various exercises, such as bench press. The number of repetitions was considered correct percentage in 60 cases. The same situation in other exercises;
A notification comes from whatsapp. And if you didn’t have time to poke it right away, then you won’t answer it anymore (there is the possibility of answering in text or translating from voice to text). I’m not even talking about listening to audio or answering with an audio message. For some reason, this is also nowhere;
samsung pay. Mmm… This is a wonderful opportunity to pay by the clock. But why, damn it, every time to pay, you need to get your finger into four small digits of the pin code! Yes, security and all. But to hell with this security if it cannot be used normally;
I bought an application that allows you to turn on the access point on your smartphone. Does not work! Correspondence with the developer and Samsung did not allow to return the money. I bought an application for remote shutter release of the phone’s camera. Worked for one day and also broke.
And so with these watches in everything. It seems that a lot of things are stated, but it works with a very large creak. Or doesn’t work. At this price, I think that this is a very raw product that still needs to be refined and refined. Now my wife uses this watch and everything suits her. Well, she doesn’t need much. Unless the design is too “masculine”…

Apple Watch Series 3. In search of the perfect watch.

And now on the hand is a watch with an apple. They, like everyone else, are imperfect (let’s say the time of work). But at least they aspire to be. At least they all work the way they should. Now I’ll tell you what I use and what I don’t.

Workouts and activity rings.

I do not use it much, although many acquaintances love these features in this watch. And I’m just too lazy to turn on each workout manually, and not like on Sonya everything was in the machine. Maybe someday I’ll figure it out.


Just a godlike implementation of a simple daily function! Just double-click on the function button without looking and you’re done. Moreover, you can easily pay even through the sleeve of a thick winter jacket.

Release the camera shutter.

Sometimes it comes in handy for group shots. The function works stably, you can adjust the frame through the clock screen.

Sometimes I use a calculator. Mainly due to the fact that on the iPhone it is impossible to split the screen into two parts (

I like to use Siri for 3 tasks: quickly find something in the search or translate a word; find the artist of the song; create a reminder. Especially the last one.

For example, I turn on the shoe dryer and simply create a voice reminder to turn it off after the right time. Or when I activate a temporary subscription, I create a reminder about when to turn it off. It is very convenient. On Samsungs, after such a voice reminder, it was also necessary to manually indicate the time.

A flashlight helped out a couple of times. I would never have thought, but in complete darkness, the screen, twisted to the maximum, helps to find something. And of course, the basic functions of working with notifications, calls, a stopwatch, a timer, viewing the weather.

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4
Smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch
Smart watch Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 42mm
20 399 *
Here are some thoughts on smartwatches. It is very interesting to follow the development of this category of electronics. I think that here manufacturers still have room to develop in order to make our life easier and more interesting.


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