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8 reasons to buy a vacuum sealer


A vacuum sealer is not so common in home kitchens. But, by the way, this is a very useful device for the most ordinary daily needs! And that’s why.

Convenient freezing for future use
The main problem with freezing – no matter how good your freezer is – is the mixing of smells from different foods. It is not always possible to choose compartments for separate storage of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits: there are many types of products, but not boxes. Another disadvantage of blanks for the future is that you need to provide a sufficient number of storage containers. Ordinary packaging bags are fragile and uncomfortable, plastic containers take up extra space, and besides, it is difficult to guess the sizes in advance – somewhere the products do not fit at all, and somewhere there is too much empty space.

Vacuum bags solve both of these problems in one fell swoop. Hermetically sealed meat will not spoil dill or a serving of strawberries with its aroma. In addition, vacuum packaging is more than compact, as it pumps out all the excess air. However, after opening, all the magic disappears, so we recommend packing products in portions.

Neat storage in the refrigerator
Storage can be not only long-term in the freezer – a vacuum sealer is also useful for the refrigerator. It is important to remember that vacuum packaging will not dramatically extend the shelf life of products. However, with it you can definitely avoid numerous bags, films and containers. Products will not dry out, air out and spread their odors throughout the refrigerator. For example, a large piece of cheese bought for cooking can be cut into several pieces and sealed in vacuum bags, taking out one at a time as needed.

Quick preparations for cooking
If you have watched the video recipes of some chefs, you might have noticed that they have everything from ready-made dough to concentrated meat broth. At the right time, they take out a bunch of different preparations and create a complex dish without any hassle and in a matter of minutes. If you also do not like to stand at the stove for a long time, a vacuum sealer can be a great help for such culinary preparations. It is easy to solder not only solid, but also liquid ingredients into it – the same broth. You can go further and vacuumize generally prepared food that tolerates freezing or long-term storage well.

Preservation of the aroma of products
Freshly ground coffee exudes aroma throughout the apartment. Coffee that has stood for a couple of days becomes faded and even half as fragrant. The same thing happens with many varieties of tea and spices. In addition, many dry foods spoil from ambient humidity. And not only coffee and tea, but also dried fruits, dried mushrooms, berries and even cereals. To help all these products live longer and preserve their aroma, again, a vacuum sealer can. With it, you can safely buy your favorite coffee and tea in large packs and not be afraid that this wealth will deteriorate and disappear faster than you use it. Seal food in small portions and store the rest.

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The best marinated meat
Basically we are talking about the preservation of products for the future. But a vacuum sealer also comes in handy in several here and now scenarios. One of these is pickling meat and vegetables.

It doesn’t matter if you are preparing for a barbecue in the woods or planning to cook a fragrant dish in your own kitchen – marinating the ingredients in a vacuum bag is much better than in a regular cup with a lid or in a bag. Foods sealed in a vacuum marinate better, become more aromatic, do not dry out, and excess bacteria do not multiply in them. In addition, if you still marinate meat for a barbecue, then you can take it with you right away, in the same bag and not dirty extra dishes.

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Assistance with hikes and picnics
While some people still carry mountains of cans of stew on a hike, others have long dried food and vacuum-packed it. For the first days of the trip, you can pack ready-made homemade food. Also, in this way it is great to take bread, dryers and crackers with you, which, during normal storage, either dry out quickly, or, conversely, get wet from excess moisture in the air. Vacuum packing on a trip is minus a large amount of weight of assorted cans and containers, and plus – accuracy, food safety and food variety.

But even if you are not a big fan of multi-day trekking, a vacuum sealer will come in handy when you decide to go out with friends for a picnic or to the beach on a day off. Instead of lugging around a whole stick of sausage, a knife, and a cutting board to cook it all on the spot, you can make the necessary cuts at home ahead of time and arrange everything in vacuum bags. The same can be done with ready-made sandwiches, marinated meat, homemade pancakes, and any other food you like. No excess fat, mashed sandwiches, smeared on a bag or container of butter, dried cheese slices. Your picnic table will look appetizing and tidy.

homemade sous vide
Sous vide dishes are one of the latest innovations in restaurant cuisine. It implies a long languishing of the vacuum-packed product at low temperatures. In establishments, one small piece of sous-vide meat can cost as much as an elite steak. But you can easily repeat this culinary magic at home.

To do this, you will need two main tools: a vacuum sealer and a sous vide thermometer or a special saucepan. Some craftsmen do without this, wrapping the products in several heat-resistant bags and checking the temperature of the water for languishing with an ordinary kitchen thermometer. However, in this case, the risk of error is too great and that instead of sous-vide you will get just boiled and not particularly tasty something.

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For real sous-vide, the main ingredient, along with seasonings, spices, sauce and other products, is sealed in a vacuum bag. It is dense, completely sealed and reliable – during the cooking process it will not untie (because there is nothing), it will not tear and will withstand the set water temperature. By the way, here are some recipes for homemade sous vide.


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