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8 mistakes when choosing a gaming chair


Even something as simple as buying a gaming chair can raise a lot of questions. Some people like bright color models, others like a calm black and white design, others are looking for ergonomic options without regard to appearance, in which they can sit all day long. And everyone is right in their own way.

This blog contains typical mistakes that an inexperienced user can make when choosing a chair. We will find out in which cases it is better to overpay, and when you can save.

All because someone eats too much!
The bulk of the complaints about gaming chairs relate to mechanical failures of the gas lift, cross and rollers. The main reason is that the user is too heavy on a chair that is too flimsy. Of course, each model has its own recommendations. Usually the allowable load is 120-150 kg . At the same time, it should be understood that it is desirable to subtract 20-30 kg from the indicated figure in order to lay some margin of safety. For example, if the weight limit is 120kg, a user over 100kg would be better off looking for another chair.

In such a case, manufacturers offer special models with a durable metal frame and a reinforced class IV gas spring. Naturally, there can be no talk of any plywood in the construction. The maximum weight of a person sitting in such chairs can reach up to 200 kg. Be prepared for the fact that the cost of such products is always above average, but the overpayment is worth it.

Large users may face another problem – pronounced lateral support in the back and legs, which will not allow you to sit comfortably in a chair. Models with a sloping back and seat are more suitable.

Gaming chair ZONE 51 ARMADA yellow

[eco leather, up to 150 kg, headrest, armrests – 4D]
29 299 *
10In stores: in 2 stores
Uncle, get a sparrow!
It is difficult to find a suitable chair for tall people. Buying an all-in-one solution can be a serious mistake due to the low back height and seat depth. Insufficient support will prevent you from sitting comfortably in a chair – your neck will get tired and your legs will numb.

The main problem during the selection is the lack of clear guidelines for growth in the characteristics of the chair. It is rare that a manufacturer pays attention to this parameter in the description of a model. It remains to look for a chair in the showroom or focus on customer reviews. A hint can be a large load capacity – chairs designed for heavy users, as a rule, are also suitable for tall people. Sometimes the opposite happens. Users of small stature, sitting in a chair that is too high, cannot put their feet on the floor.

Gaming chair Vertagear Racing P-Line PL4500 black 43 999 *
Taste and color…
Leather or fabric ? And if leather, what kind? Artificial or natural? The age-old dispute between users of computer chairs comes from the world of cars. Comfort is opposed to spectacular appearance. And, believe me, not everyone will vote in favor of the first.

Leather is contraindicated for many pet owners, and those who like to sit in negligee shorts may experience discomfort due to excessive sweating of poor ventilation. But such upholstery looks great and requires almost no maintenance. The exception is white skin – it turns yellow over time, and jeans or other colored clothes can easily stain it. Suede is even more capricious. The material instantly collects the smallest specks and dust particles, which are perfectly visible against the dark background of the upholstery.

Dust accumulates on the skin, not inside

Fabric has its drawbacks. It quickly gets greasy, accumulates dirt and dust, absorbs sweat and spilled liquids and eventually loses its presentable appearance. Users who like to have a bite to eat in the chair, it is better to opt for leather.

Another option is a synthetic mesh. It provides good ventilation, does not collect dust and does not collect dirt, but is inferior to leather and fabric in terms of tactile sensations. The second negative point is that after sitting at the computer for a long time, the grid begins to dig into the body, especially when it comes to massive users.

Princess on the Pea
As a filler in chairs, furniture foam rubber or cold-curing foam is usually used. The latter, by the way, is much tougher, which greatly affects the fit. Keep in mind: more expensive does not mean softer, but most likely the opposite. Dense fillers used in premium models are more beneficial for the spine and retain their shape longer. However, some may not like such rigidity. The best “measurement” is your fifth point.

High Density Molded Foam

Best the enemy of the good
With a limited budget, you should not give the last money for a multiblock – the most expensive swing mechanism. The choice in favor of it is justified if the user does not want to give up functions such as fixed reclining and anti-shock. Otherwise, you can save a lot and take a top gun – perhaps the best swing mechanism in terms of price / quality ratio.

I twist, I believe…
The armrests of the chair can have from one to four adjustments. The principle of “more is better” does not always work, and the overpayment for 4D is considerable. For most users, only a change in height is really necessary. You can safely live without the rest of the adjustments, as well as without the backlash and parasitic operation that they cause. Armchairs with static armrests are a great budget option, but fitting is a must.

Gaming chair Cougar Fusion BO orange
Sleep, now you can play …
One of the differences between top gaming chairs and office chairs is the presence of an adjustable backrest . Decide on the shore whether you need this option, because refusing it will significantly reduce the purchase price. And certainly not worth chasing a model that leans back 180 degrees. Leave the stories about how great it is to take a nap in the chair between gaming sessions, leave the reviewers.

At the same time, a folding backrest is necessary for those who spend all day at the computer. Changing the angle of inclination allows you to change the position of the body and relieve the accumulated tension.

And here we are, you know, all indulging in buns …
To attract a buyer, marketers have come up with a lot of lotions : a footrest, RGB lighting, various tables and coasters, vibration massage, built-in speakers and even ventilation. If you are not 100% sure, it is better to redirect your money to something else: a high-end gas spring or a steel base. Secondly, such options are often found in questionable products with a corresponding service life. Thirdly, for the implementation of some chips, additional power is required, which means extra wires.

And the footboard, and even the backlight

In conclusion, it is worth saying that absolutely any chair – regardless of the characteristics, price and brand reputation – can turn out to be both very comfortable and a real tool for torture. This directly depends on its design and the anatomical features of the user. Along with good budget models, there are extremely uncomfortable expensive solutions. If it is not possible to “try on” a chair in a store, read reviews, reviews and guides – you should not blindly trust the characteristics from the manufacturer’s website.


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