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8 Free Screen Recording Apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android


Screen recording is useful for creating how-to videos, recording your own let’s play, and many other tasks. Fortunately, no dancing with tambourines is required to use it, since you can find free programs on the network not only for personal computers, but also for mobile devices. Let’s look at some of them.

For Windows
The list of software for the most popular OS has more than a dozen options. If we talk about specifically free solutions, or rather “probes”, then Bandicam and Movavi Screen Recorder can be distinguished here. Both options have a free limited version, but are quite suitable for the main task – screen recording.

Bandicam is one of the most famous programs that has gained popularity due to its intuitive interface and fairly advanced functionality. The first thing that can be noted is the impressive choice of recording area. You can specify the entire screen, draw an area yourself, or choose a rectangle from popular resolutions up to 4K. As a precaution, there is also a mode for recording a zone around the cursor, and even a game mode with reading a stream from DirectX.

You can also specify a webcam or device connected via HDMI as the source. Implemented support for hotkeys. In addition to the recording duration, the real-time video size is also displayed, which is quite convenient. AVI and MP4 formats are available with detailed settings including codec, bitrate and more.

The free version will have to endure a small watermark with the name of the program at the top of the window and a 10-minute recording time limit.

Movavi Screen Recorder
Movavi Studio software includes several programs, each of which is aimed at a specific type of task. Speaking of screen recording, you can download Movavi Screen Recorder here . The functionality is as simple as possible – choose a convenient recording area and click on the red circle. A nice bonus is that the software can independently determine the size of the windows of open programs, just click once, and not measure by pixels.

The recording can also include the display of keystrokes, highlighting the mouse cursor with a reaction to pressing. But capturing system sound in the trial version will not be available, but you can use the connected microphone. The recording format is MP4 with selectable frame rate.

Movavi Screen Recorder also leaves a watermark, but unlike Bandicam, the inscription flaunts in the very center, which makes viewing videos difficult.

The choice of software for Apple’s desktop operating system is also impressive. By the way, the Movavi package is also available for MAC, but you can explore several other alternatives.

Monosnap is the easiest option for MAC OS when you don’t need all the tweaks and advanced features. The software is an analogue of the well-known “Scissors” for Windows and allows you to take screenshots of a certain area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe desktop. But an additional function is just video recording.

Management is simplified as much as possible – select the required area and click on the “record”. Unfortunately, you will have to stretch the window manually. But you can add arrows and windows in the course of shooting, which will be extremely useful when compiling instructions.

There are no watermarks. Monosnap users can also try out Windows.

OBS Studio
OBS Studio is perfect for beginner streamers, and will also be useful when creating any master classes. You can download it not only on MAC OS, but also on Windows.

The functionality is quite impressive. As a source, you can select both the entire screen and individual windows. One of the most convenient features is the addition of an unlimited number of scenes with an individual source, each of which can be placed anywhere on the screen. Almost all actions are set to turn on and off by hotkeys.

There is a useful preview window where you can see for yourself how the broadcast looks to viewers. Functionality in OBS Studio allows you to organize broadcasting on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook and other services. Separately, it is worth noting the choice of formats between .mkv, .mp4, .mov, .flv and .ts.

Capturing your own review of a mobile app or game is easy with screen recording software. Let’s take a look at a couple of the most highly rated apps among users.

Super Screen Recoder
Functional and very simple software , with which you can record your smartphone screen in just a couple of clicks. The advantages include a small translucent button through which it is easy to pause or stop the recording. It is displayed on top of all windows and moves around the screen. It is extremely convenient, because you do not have to climb into the program itself or the upper toolbar.

In the settings you can choose the recording quality, frame rate, orientation and other parameters. Oddly enough, there are settings and a watermark. You can even add your own text, such as the title of your blog. There are ads, but not as annoying as they could be. In the paid version of RPO, it can be disabled.

The best part is that Super Screen Recoder is also a small video studio. Right from your smartphone, you can quickly trim videos, add stickers, add music, change playback speed, and even create GIF animations. Ideal for TikTokers and Instagrammers.

XRecoder screen recording
XRecoder is another crowd favorite with over 50 million downloads. In fact, this is an almost complete clone of the already considered Super Screen Recoder – the presence of a button moved over the windows with drop-down settings, a choice of recording mode and almost similar customizable parameters. If the previous software for some reason does not work for you or crashes, feel free to try this program.

Additionally, XRecoder has a drawing panel. Right during the recording, you can emphasize important places, and then literally erase the drawn shapes with just one click. Under this mode, there is a separate translucent icon that can be hidden in any part of the screen.

The built-in video editor includes functions for trimming, speeding up or slowing down, overlaying music with text. The mode of changing proportions is useful, for example, for filling on YouTube or Instagram. In some places there are advertising banners, but you can’t call them aggressive.

Immediately, we note that starting with iOS 11, the iPhone and iPad already have a screen recording function out of the box. If you want more, then get acquainted with our applicants.

DU Recoder
The DU Recoder application has received a lot of positive feedback from users. And not in vain. With it, you can not only record video, but also broadcast the picture to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. There are even private broadcasts.

Other goodies include custom watermarks, live themes, pause settings and, of course, a video editor. The set is quite classic – from the usual cropping up to voice recording and filtering.

Unfortunately, some of these features are only available in the premium version. However, the remaining possibilities are quite enough for the simplest editing of a recording without transferring it to a personal computer.

Screen Recorder+
We are talking about Screen Recorder+ from Softin Technology Co., Ltd., because the creators decided not to invent the name. Another popular software for iOS that offers a lot of “chips” for gamers.

There is a choice of format and resolution, a function of broadcasting on YouTube and recording your own comments. It is possible to add your own Face Cam reactions for certain videos. The feature of the program is interesting stickers and even several popular memes that are easy to embed directly into the video.

Don’t forget about the intuitive editor. There are few opportunities, but even beginners will figure it out with a simple interface. The program has more than 100 tracks for creating background music, but if this is not enough, no one forbids you to upload your own music from the iTunes library. The only negative is that you need iOS 11 or higher to work, so old gadgets on versions 7-9 are in the span.


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