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8 Essential Tools You Need To Prepare Your Electrical Project


If you plan to purchase some wires from the best cable suppliers in UAE, you must need pliers. Known as lineman pliers or cutting pliers, they are a staple on any checklist of electrical tools. You will need them to cut, grip, twist, bend or straighten wires.

Every electrician keeps a stock of pliers in their toolbox. There are different types of pliers such as needle-nose pliers, side-cutting pliers and reaming pliers for tightening locknuts, fittings and caps.

Wire Strippers

It might be dangerous to strip the insulation off the wire with a pair of diagonal or flush cutters. Unless you are an expert, it is thus preferable to use a wire remover. A few pliers have built-in wire strippers, but they are not as effective as a professional wire stripper.

You may also need to properly configure these strippers if you want them to work properly. If you go to a nearby hardware store, you can discover a wide variety of wire strippers ranging from basic to sophisticated, as well as motorized wire strippers.

Voltage Tester

Electricity is a dangerous wager that demands proficient level skills to handle. A proper workspace, motive and tools are a few necessities to carry out an electrical task to avoid a hazard. Most residential electrical projects will need the use of simple hand equipment that you already have, such as a hammer, tape measure, level, and screwdrivers.

There are also specific specialized electrical tools that might come in helpful from time to time and can be found at most home centers, hardware stores, electrical supply stores, and internet sellers.

We have listed down several essential tools that must be present in your toolbox before you set your mind on an electrical task.


You will require a voltage tester to test the voltage coursing through the system. It consists of a positive and a negative probe that connects with the relevant wires to build a circuit and record the reading.

There are two types of voltage testers, i.e., the solenoid and the solid state. A solenoid tester will distort the reading quality once the probe’s coating wears off. In contrast, solid-state testers do not exhibit this issue.

Digital Multimeter

As the name suggests, a digital multimeter performs various measuring jobs. It comes with multiple inputs, settings and reading types that give accurate readings in most situations. It also features a low impedance operation that will allow you to take ghost voltages out of the equation and attain a more precise and accurate reading. You can also set it to measure several different waveforms.

Electric Drill

Each day, electricians come across a new job that involves installing a new lighting fixture or disassembling installed hardware to access wiring and other electrical components. A handheld electric drill with numerous bits will ease your tasks and help you finish them quickly. Also, it permits professionals to fasten special bits for industrial purposes.

Fish Tape

One of the most used electrician tools is fish tape. You can use it to connect gang boxes or other electrical components by running wiring via conduit piping.

You may use cable lube to help you pull the wires through the conduit. A fish tape might also come in handy when pushing NM wire through wall cavities. It is a tool for improving wiring, such as adding or expanding circuits. Casual DIYers who are only doing minor electrical repairs or replacements seldom require fish tape.

Insulated Gloves

Electrical projects can expose you to hazards. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions while working on them. You can wear insulated gloves because they provide an additional layer of protection. So make sure that you have a pair nestled somewhere inside your toolbox.

Moreover, insulated gloves come in different styles and sizes to ensure fit and comfort. Thus, opt for the type that best fits your needs.

Safety Glasses

You must have seen both apprentices and seasoned veterans in movies and real-life wearing a pair of safety glasses on every job site as a part of their necessary electrician gear. It is vital that you wear eye-protection glasses when carefully inspecting electrical wiring or utilizing powerful electrical tools.

Prepare Your Tool Box For An Electrical Project

You must have a prepared toolbox at the electrical site to ease your task and prevent a troubled time. You can find essential tools from any home center or hire Hikvision distributors in UAE. So, gear up and get to work!


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