Monday, March 27, 2023

8 Awe-Inspiring Benefits Of Yoga Classes For Children


Yoga is the ancient Indian discipline widely practiced as it promotes health and relaxation. Yoga classes for children are very popular. Kids enjoy yoga and their little bodies are also flexible enough to do the various yoga poses. 

People are enrolling in children’s yoga teacher training as they want to guide the children to better health and fitness. Children are curious learners and take to the yoga poses with ease. Yoga Classes have the following benefits for children:-

  1. Yoga provides relaxation:- Yoga is made up of many poses and breathing exercises thatrelax the body and mind. It has a calming influence on the children as it helps them develop stress management skills. So yoga has a positive effect on children.
  2. Yoga increases flexibility:- The various poses in yoga promote flexibility and agility in the body. The young learners can use this agility to perform their day-to-day activities with increased vigor.
  3. Yoga builds strength: Yoga helps build strength and muscles in young learners. While doing the various yoga poses, they are lifting their body weights. Children will be able to meet the challenges of the growing-up years effectively with the help of regular practice of yoga.  
  4. Yoga improves concentration and memory:- Yoga poses promote not just a healthy body but a healthy mind too. Many yoga poses increase blood flow to the brain. The nervous system also benefits from regular yoga practice. Students can benefit a great deal from yoga and improve their grades.
  5. Yoga strengthens the body-mind connection: The connection between the physical body and the mind is a strong one. One influences the other.Yoga helps to make this bond between body and mind deeper. Children learn the art of mindfulness and can understand the deeper meaning of life.
  6. Yoga builds confidence and self-esteem:- As children master the various challenging yoga poses, they gain confidence in their abilities. Yoga brings about clarity of mind and boosts self-esteem. Yoga promotes loving for and caring for our bodies. Children are better able to understand themselves and this helps them to deal with their problems in a better way.
  7. Yoga lessens anxiety: Yogic practices produce certain chemicals in the brain that improve mood and reduce anxiety. We can say that children who practice yoga are happy and satisfied. It helps them to deal with the stress of everyday day be it in their classrooms, their playgrounds, or in their homes.
  8. Yoga helps develop kindness and compassion: Yogic practices and breathing exercises help in the management of emotions. They help to develop qualities like kindness, compassion, non-violence and so children grow up to be good human beings.

So we see that yoga has multiple benefits for the growth of children and its practice should be encouraged.Children practicing yoga have self-awareness and grow up to lead a positive life. They contribute to the community and society in a better way. So this ancient Indian practice should be adopted for children’s yoga teacher training in a big way.


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