Monday, March 27, 2023

5 Easy and Simple Office Upgrades to Help You Stay Focused


Whether you’ve been working from home for a few years now or you’ve recently moved your office to your home due to the pandemic, having the right office space is essential when it comes to being more productive. An August 2021 survey from Northwestern Mutual reveals that 42% of people don’t have an ideal home office. This means most of us are creating makeshift offices in our kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Making a few simple upgrades to your home can give you a separate office space that will help you stay inspired and get more done during the day. Here are five upgrades you can incorporate into your workspace to help you stay focused.

1. Organize Your Space

No matter how much space you have to work with, you should have an organized area that is dedicated to helping you accomplish professional tasks. Install shelves for the walls and purchase bins that you can easily store under your desk. This will help you organize your files and keep up with important documents that you need during work. Make sure to organize your computer documents and files as well. Your virtual desk should be organized as well. When you have a designated area for all the items you need, you’re less likely to have a cluttered desk, which can improve your concentration.

2. Get a Professional Video Camera

You’ll likely be taking a lot of videoconference calls from your home office, so it’s best to have a professional camera instead of using the camera attached to your desktop or laptop. Professional cameras give you a sharper picture and allow you to position the camera to capture your most flattering angles. You can find a camera for under $100, and you’ll likely be able to concentrate more in meetings when you know you look your best. It’s also best to get a Bluetooth headset to ensure you can hear everyone clearly during the meeting.

3. Add Natural Elements

You should let natural light into your office space as much as possible. Try to position your desk near a window to improve the quality of your videos and make it easier for you to see the computer screens stout straining. Natural sunlight also boosts your energy levels throughout the day so you can get more done.

Be sure to add a few plants to your work area as well. The plants help to keep the air clean and can elevate your mood, especially if you’re not able to get outside as often as you’d like.

4. Get a Convertible or Standing Desk

In a traditional office space, you’re more likely to get up from your desk and walk around for a few minutes. This is necessary for keeping your body and mind active. You may not have this option when you’re working from home, so getting a standing or convertible desk may help you alleviate back pain and fatigue. You can also purchase an ergonomic chair to reduce strain on your body and keep your posture straight. When your body is in good shape, it will be easier for you to focus on important tasks.

5. Door Seals

A door seal can help you maintain your focus by keeping unwanted light and noise out of your office. The seal can also prevent excess moisture and drafts from coming into your office space. You can find door seals that match the aesthetic of your office. This will provide you with a quiet and peaceful work environment so you can be more productive.

In addition to these home office tips, it’s also important to include something that brings you joy in your office space. Include pictures of your family and friends, as well as certificates and plaques that remind you of your professional accomplishments. You can also include customized items that will make your office more peaceful, like a white noise machine that will help focus your mind while you’re reading important documents or attending a meeting. It’s also a good idea to include a whiteboard on the wall which allows you to write down your daily or weekly tasks. You can even check off some things on your list so you can feel a sense of accomplishment and get the motivation you need to reach your goals for the week, month, or quarter as you work from home.


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