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2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Worth?


2-carat diamonds have become popular in today’s market. These diamond engagement rings are rare, and their availability is lower; therefore, they are more valuable. The 2 carat ring cost is approximately $6000. You can well buy it at $12000, but diamond rings pricing do not work this way. This article will discuss 2 carat ring costs and factors that influence these costs.

2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

A carat is usually a unit used to determine the weight of diamonds. Typically, one gram is five carats, and therefore, a diamond carat is a fifth gram. When discussing 2-carat diamonds, we usually mean diamonds that weigh between 2.00 ct to 2.20 ct. We will stress this since it is essential to understand it. 

A carat is not a size but a unit. However, there is a firm connection between these two terms, but they have different meanings. Based on the individual cut of the diamond, a 1.90 carat with low depth can be more significant from the above than a more resounding 2 carat diamond engagement ring. 

But if both of these are cut to the correct proportions, the 2 ct diamond ring will look more significant if you compare it to the 1.90 ct. It is also essential to note that a diamond with a non-ideal cut will have reduced its brilliancy.

2 Carat Ring Cost and Why They are More Expensive Than 1 Carat

A 2 carat ring cost depends on the carat weight. When a carat weight increases and becomes heavier, the price increases because it becomes rare. It is easier for a diamond cutter to get materials to design smaller diamonds than to get a large enough fabric to cut into a 2 carat stone.

Firstly, you will not make heads or tails of diamond price mechanics. Most people believe that a 1-carat diamond engagement ring that costs $6000 will be twice the cost as a 2 carat diamond and then $18000 if it is a 3 carat stone and so on. However, a diamond stone becomes rare when its carat size increases, and so as the carat size rises, the cost of the stone will exponentially increase even for the same quality.

Cheap 2 Carat Diamond Rings

There are many reasons as to why the statement cheap rings is hated. The same as affordable, cheap typically is not only a relative term. However, it makes an item look less desirable. Suppose you need to find a 2 carat, but do not want to spend more money, you should op for under 2 carats. Purchase a 1.90 diamond ring rather than opting for a 2-carat diamond ring. You will be able to reduce the price by approximately 10-15% even if you have decreased the weight by 5%.

Factors That Influence the Cost of 2 Carat Diamond Rings

Other than the four Cs, which are color, cut, clarity and carat weight, other factors need your attention before you make a purchase. Here are a few factors to consider when buying a 2-carat diamond ring.

Diamond Fluorescence

Among the most controversial factors to consider when buying an engagement ring is the fluorescence of the diamond. This is the way a diamond reacts to UV light. It can either enhance or reduce the price of a diamond engagement ring. Based on a study conducted by GIA, in sporadic cases, fluorescence makes an engagement ring look slightly milky, but buyers prefer diamonds that have fluorescence. 30% of diamonds show this quality wherein they will reflect a bluish light when brought to UV light.

The Shape of the Diamond

Do you know the difference between the shape and cut of the diamond? The cut of the diamond shows the way it reflects light, while its shape shows the geometric shape of the diamond. The main shapes typically are princess, emerald, marquise, and oval. To understand more regarding the shape that suits your requirements, consult the diamond experts.

Diamond Symmetry

This typically shows the size, shaping, and arrangement of the diamond’s facets. The best diamond cut needs to have 58 facets and a culet. While high symmetry tends to increase the value of your diamond and, at the same time, raise its price. Low grades, however, can negatively impact the appearance of the diamond, and this will naturally decrease its value in the market.

Diamond Polish

In the manufacturing process, you will determine the polish of a diamond ring. After cutting and faceting, the diamond gets polished to show its shine and smooth finish. If you do not polish it well, the light will not get into the diamond affecting its sparkle and brilliance.

Diamond Girdle

A girdle is a part of a diamond that divides a pavilion and the crown. They can range from very thin to very thick, which can affect the diamond’s reflection. If the girdle is too thin, the diamond will be prone to chipping, and if it is too thick, the diamond can appear smaller than its size.

The Diamond Culet

The culet is typically the bottom tip of the diamond. Usually, the pavilion angles meet and stop light from leaving the diamond to help maintain its brilliance. It would be best to get the best diamond cut if a diamond had no to a tiny culet grade.

Diamond Certification

Understanding your diamond’s exact features and attributes is needed for examining its price. GIA usually gives diamond certification, including details regarding its color, weight, clarity, cut, polish, and stone size. It also shows the quality of the stone. Buyers mostly ignore certification, which is wrong because it is one of the essential details when buying a diamond ring.


When determining a 2 carat ring cost, you will need more than meets the eye. Before you purchase your engagement ring, you need to consider some factors, and the most common ones typically are the 4 Cs. These are the color of your diamond ring, cut, clarity, and carat. But there are other factors that you need to consider before you purchase your ring. We have explained these factors in detail in this article and, therefore, ensure you understand them clearly.

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