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11 farewell gift ideas for your best friend


Having a friend who will stick with you through thick and thin is a blessing but life is unpredictable. One time you can have the evening of your life and the next day she might have to leave to some unknown metropolitan city for her dream job.

You can’t control life but you can certainly throw a farewell party for a dear friend. When you are saying goodbye make sure to get her a present that can speak for you and your unconditional love for her.

Choosing a farewell gift for your best friend needs a strenuous task. If you are confused then take a look at these wonderful gift recommendations.

Aesthetic jars with candies, pickles and more

Frail but beautiful jars filled with sweet treats like candies, peppermints and sour pickles can be a nice gift. Plus these aesthetic jars could be used to keep tiny essentials like buttons, paper clips, etc when the contents of the jars will be eaten by your friend. Like online cake delivery, these jars could be easily acquired from web stores through easy doorstep delivery.

Flower grow kit

Plants are beautiful gifts. Instead of hugging a ready-made plant, give a sapling in a flower growing kit. Your friend will have a wonderful time taking care of the sapling which will eventually bloom with beautiful flowers.

Sisters by heart bangle

Sisters by heart Silver bangles will be a great asset to both of you as they will be a constant reminder of your amazing friendship. These bangles are great accessories and always will be. keep the two of you connected.

Cute satin pyjama set

Comfy satin Jajaja set is perfect loungewear and will compliment your besties leisure hours. These sets come in different cute prints and patterns. Pick the colour that your friend loves wearing and surprise her with this thoughtful gift.

Custom best friend portrait

Custom best friend portrait will be a memento of all the good times that you guys had together and silently motivate your friend to stay in touch and maintain the sanity of the priceless relation.

Best friend placard

A best friend placard is a way of saying how much you care. Apart from vibrant images,  these placards will contain heartwarming messages that will make your friend happy when she is away from you.

BFF quotes mug

Humour and often sarcastic friendship quotes can make a boring ceramic mug insanely interesting. Just pick out the best quiet that suits the relationship between you and your friend. You can even come up with something original and quirky that only the two of you are supposed to know. It will be like a secret code that will only make sense to both of you.

Personalised pillows

Pillows personalised with initials, pet names or photo cam names are a great gift socially for someone who could use some good old nostalgia in the form of fluffy pillows.

Custom made theme cake

A farewell themed cake with all the fun elements can be an excellent gift for your friend. You can be even have  a small get together. Choose online cake store that are equipped with skilled chefs to bring your dream cake to life. You can give your friend a proper send-off with a luscious cake.


Minimalistic jewellery is a basic need. Give your friend delicate anklets. These ankles can be given a personal touch with meaningful words or a one-liner quote that means something to your friend. This would look extremely beautiful and trendy.

Scented bath candles and essential bath salts

You can have all the liberty to experiment with the gift of your best friend. Gift her colourful scented candles and bath salts. These will make every bath special and relaxing.


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